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The Significance of the Best Halal Restaurants in Lombok

Best Halal Restaurants in Lombok is perhaps something that make you frown, especially if you are the kind of person who does not really care about what you eat. However, for some who practice Islam diligently, it could be a tremendous deal-breaker to be unable to find even a single place that serves halal dishes. To Moslems, being able to consume halal dishes is just as important as being able to conduct their daily prayers conveniently. Islam has a rule that is set on stone regarding what somebody may ingest. Surely, with a regulation this strict, it would be a hassle to travel to a region whose separation between forbidden and passable food is not clear to say the least. Luckily, however, Lombok Island is a region in Indonesia where the locals are Moslems in majority. With this in mind, it should not be a problem to find restaurants that allow Moslem tourists to enjoy the Island’s rich cuisine. This also enables Moslem tourists to also enjoy a tropical holiday experience just they will in Bali, only with less complications.

If you have ever been to Bali, you must have realized how many restaurants served non-halal dishes. If there is any, chances are aversion may rise up as in Islam, a dish is still considered haram even though uses halal ingredients when cooked with utensils and tools that were previously used to prepare the non-halal ones. And as there is no way to ensure that the cook uses different tools when preparing things, one may find everything complicated as a result. This is why you, if this scenario applies to you, can choose Lombok as your travel destination. It has the same ambience as Bali but with a more tranquil atmosphere. The beaches are wonderful to behold and its smaller islands have one of the best oceanic scenes in Indonesia, if not in Asia. The island is inhabited mostly by Moslems so finding halal dishes would not be complicated. Problems would still rise, though, from the fact that there are a lot of such places that serve halal food so much so that you would spend your time pretty much pondering on where to go. This is where the Best Halal Restaurants in Lombok reviews can be of a great help.

The reviews can be your trusted Best Halal Restaurants in Lombok guide during your stay. So, where to find such a guide? You can rely on travel websites for this. They typically have a food review section on which people share their experience while enjoying Lombok vacation. Typically, below are the types of dishes that you can try at any of available establishments, especially ones that serve local specialty:

  1. Ayamtaliwang

Perhaps the most popular from Lombok, it is a chicken-based dish in which the chicken is grilled half-cooked to subsequently be marinated in a concoction of garlic and other seasonings.

  1. Ayambalappuyuh

Typically served on banana leaves, the dish consists of a portion of steamed white rice accompanied by fried chicken, coconut grates that are seasoned prior to being fried, and chili paste.

  1. Rembiga

A satay dish, rembiga is simple in preparation and is enjoyed with white rice.

  1. Babalung

Babalung is a soup-like dish in which the ribs of either cow or goat are cooked in coconut-based mixture.

  1. Plecing

This is a vegetable dish that uses boiled water spinach as its main star. The vegetable is topped with tomato-based sauce and a dash of lemon/lime water.

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