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3 Things You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Career as a Freelance Writer

You’ve probably heard the stories of people quitting their 9-to-5 jobs to work from home as full-time freelance writers. And, while many of those stories are true, what you see are the successes—not the numerous flaws, failures, hours of hard work, and months of next-to-no cash-outs. So, while it seems like a dream come true and a one-way ticket to easy street, think again. Here are a few things you should know about pursuing a career as a freelance writer.

You Can Be Your Own Boss, but Within Reason

Sure, freelance writers are their own boss. But it’s not a sleep-all-day, work-whenever kind of deal. You actually have to create a routine and stick to it. Why? Because no schedule or routine equals zero paydays for the month. You could make a little extra cash for food and small luxuries. But, full-time freelance writers have to stick to a steadfast, stable schedule to pay their bills and actually make a living from one month to the next.

You Should Write for Yourself Before You Write for Someone Else

Writing for someone else is harder than writing for yourself, especially if you’ve never done either. With someone else, there are deadlines, expectations, and requirements. With yourself, there is a free-flow of creativity that culminates in the words on the page. No restrictions or limits. Before you adhere to guidelines, consider giving yourself some time to establish yourself as a good writer to yourself. Then you can delve into the pool of content writing for others, where you might write about cornhole boards one day, and insurance for horses the next.

It Takes Time to Gain a Reputation as a Go-To Freelancer

Freelance writers don’t start from the top. As a matter of fact, when you first start, no one will shell out big money for a nobody to write for them. This is where you start small with smaller projects for less pay, build a reputation over months and years, then pursue the bigger fish (so to speak). Like any job, you have to work your way up, and proven experience earns you those promotions.

Freelance writing is difficult, no doubt. Not everyone can do it, but everyone thinks they can. Not just anyone can quite their day job to pursue a lucrative career as a content writer in a single afternoon. You can daydream, but no one wants to lose a steady paycheck to try. The reality of it is, you have to have patience, passion, desire, knowledge, and discipline to prove yourself as a freelance writer.